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A Break From The Cold | Closed: Jen

It was taking some practice, but Aoife was really getting the hang of flying with a passenger. The biggest trouble she had was with the wind, or rather, fighting against it when it tried to push her in the opposite direction. But the more Caitlyn practiced with her, the more confident the Drifblim became, and now a trip to Lumiose was almost as easy as if she’d been flying on an actual bird Pokemon (though it would never be quite as fast, that she’d admit defeat on.)

Caitlyn slipped out of the seat Aoife had formed with her arms, and recalled her after giving her thanks for the lift. Then she set out to find the shop Jen had mentioned in her text. It wasn’t long before she entered, eyes glancing over the tables around the room to try and catch the familiar head of blonde hair.

I have news


He honestly wasn’t surprised at her reaction. It should’ve been expected. His expression didn’t change, his face remained serious.

"It’s not a joke, Caitie." he told her. "My girlfriend.. Blanche… Is pregnant."

Caitlyn stared silently at him for a moment, her eyes searching his face for any hint of the joke she knew it had to be. Caleb, the attractive dork who babysat her way back when, a dad?

But when it was clear that he either had a godlike pokerface or that she was being told the truth, her jaw dropped. “You’re having kids?! Plural, as in more than one child? I… When did you even get a girlfriend?” She reached across the table, smacking his shoulder with the heel of her palm. How dare he keep her in the dark like that! “What the hell, why didn’t you tell me sooner? Was this a planned thing? Holy shit, do you even know the first thing about taking care of babies?”

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((Nothing like realizing a song you enjoyed listening to is actually perfect to sum up your heart-destroying plot with someone 8D))

pkmntrainercaitlyn"Why are you covered in flour?"


"H-huh? Oh! I um, was just back home trying to bake something for a friend and I realized I was missing an ingredient so I had to run out here real quick to find it and yeah." Dusk explained with a small laugh, rubbing at the back of his neck. "U-um, you wouldn’t happen to know where I can find berry powder, would you? This store is too big for me…"

"Hopefully you got some of the flour in the bowl, too?" she asked with a laugh, reaching over to dust a bit of the white powder off of his sleeve. He must’ve been having fun to get so messy, though. "Berry powder’s probably near the produce section, they’ve got a little side aisle with random things that sort of fit over there. Worth a look at least, yeah?"

spooktasticmichael[text]Stop ignoring me and pick up your phone



[txt] I’ve been in the woods all day, the service is shoddy as hell if you go deep enough.

[txt] Something up? Please say yes because I’d LOVE a reason to not be knee deep in a swamp right now.

[text] Of course you’ll be fine. [/text]

[text] Sounds good to me. Give me a text when you’re done. I’ll get ready too. [/text]

The male tilted his head a bit, raising an eyebrow at the texts and rereading them a couple of times before finally moving off the bed and giving the jacket a mournful stare, frowning a tad bit. There was no saving that one. Pyralis looked quite guilty, ears lowered to his skull and laying close to the ground, peering up at him. “Don’t give me that look. It’s alright, fireball.” he mumbled, scratching the pup behind the ear before throwing the jacket in the bin as he started to dress himself properly, only to stop to send back a text.

[text] That was an idea, actually. But I refrained myself. Especially since Marius didn’t look too pleased at the idea. [/text]

[txt] Good, at least someone in that relationship is smart~ At least you’ll listen to your boyfriend about your health, I didn’t know that stubbornness of yours had a weakness.

[txt] I’m heading out now, see you in a few!

"C’mon Aoife, let’s float over." Although she missed the ghost being small enough to tag along in her hair, having a Pokemon that could carry her was certainly helpful. Even though it was a slight bit frightening to be held in the arms of a ghost quite high off the ground. It wasn’t the fastest ride, naturally, but it could be relaxing once you got past the initial fear of falling to your death.

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I have news


"Well it’s not really bad news technically. It depends I guess?" he chuckled again and sat down opposite her after ordering some coffee and pastries for them.

"Well… How do I put this…." there really wasn’t any other way to say it and he sighed.

"I’m gonna be a Dad. To twins."

"Technically depends? Now you’ve really got me worried. You didn’t like, murder a man as an act of revenge or anything, right? Because if so, you totally came to the right person, I’ve watched enough movies to have a decent idea of how to hide bodies."

At the revelation of his ‘news,’ Caitlyn didn’t waste a moment in rolling her eyes. “Ha, ha, very funny. But really, what’s your big news?” What kind of weird joke was that supposed to be? Kids, really? That kind of prank only worked when it was the girl giving the pregnant speech.



She enlisted the help of Váli to make me a sceptre. Caitlyn, I think she heard you somehow. Somehow, someway, she heard you and she’s turning me into the flower king.

I don’t understand my life anymore. But I’m completely fine with this.

Because it’s clearly meant to be! I’ve never been more proud of your Pokemon. They know your true destiny, and it’s to be the flower king, with Princess Sif at your side. Váli can be… the flower kingdom’s knight!

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She’s now making me a cloak of flowers. And she keeps grinning at me and taking measurements and I cannot deal with this right now I need to clean this room. Sif, please.

cloak? Now I’m jealous. Please let her know I highly encourage this and expect pictures of her masterpiece~


pkmntrainercaitlyn replied to your post: SIF STOP BEING ADORABLE SO I CAN BE MA…

That’s probably not possible.

She jumped on my head on started weaving flowers into my hair. How can I even be mad at this ball of fluff?

I’m sorry, is that an actual question? Because you really can’t be, especially when she’s doing her best to make you pretty.

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