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((Of course the killer was Geoff

((Right from the start I was amused mostly by the fact that Geoff was just surrounded by women.))

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((Which ones tho))

((Evie, Brynja, and like two other girls I can’t remember, and then the killer was Geoff.))



15. “You should know better by now”

“How many times do I have to tell you it’s dangerous to go out on your own like that? Do you like worrying me half to death?”

Purple eyes glared down at the bathroom tile, in the opposite direction of the woman currently cleaning the cuts on her arm. They were shallow, and barely even hurt or bled, so why was her mother yelling so loudly over it? Silence was the only response until her mother used her free hand to yank Caitlyn’s chin up, the stubborn pout meeting angrily concerned eyes.

“What do you think you were doing over there? …Answer me!”

“I was just playing. Everyone else left already but I wanted to stay and watch the Butterfree.”

There was more berating from her mother, but Caitlyn was quick to tune it out. She’d only been caught because her mother saw the scratches. That stupid Ratatta she’d run into hadn’t been as nice as the Butterfree, and she hadn’t had any way to defend herself without her own Pokemon.

“You should know better than to go near the town entrance. You’re not allowed to go out there, I’ve told you countless times. It’s not safe, you know that.”

She didn’t, actually, but at the very least she resolved to simply not tell her mother next time. There were plenty of Pokemon actually around the town, little white lies here and there couldn’t hurt anyone.


Childhood Ask - writing prompts


Drop one of the following into my inbox for a little OC childhood story or headcanon:

  1. Caving to peer pressure
  2. That first crush
  3. Realizing that his/her hero is imperfect and fallible
  4. One of the pangs of puberty
  5. Secretly wishing he/she had been born into a different family
  6. At the schoolyard
  7. Chores
  8. Parental embarrassment
  9. Too young to know to how to deal with a situation
  10. Discovering what he/she wants to be be when he/she grows up
  11. Trying on parent’s clothes
  12. Bullies
  13. Playing well with others (…or not)
  14. Show and tell
  15. "You should know better by now"
  16. Throwing a tantrum
  17. Bored out of his/her mind
  18. Story time
  19. Bed time
  20. Imaginary friends, worlds, or scenarios
  21. Wild card — anything you’d like!

Tag the person who sent you the ask in your answer, please!

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